Light on the Hill





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About the Campaign

St. Thomas desperately needs a new facility to better serve our growing community and ministry. A capital campaign is underway to create a new inviting, attractive, and efficient student center and church that will support our efforts and encourage a greater sense of welcoming and community for students.


Architectural Renderings

After visiting student centers across the country and gathering input from Arkansas students and benefactors, St. Thomas has an exciting plan to address both facility and ministry needs.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

St. Thomas Aquinas University Parish and Student Center is a faith community with a mission and commitment to students, faculty and staff of the University of Arkansas. We prayerfully strive to be Christ-like by providing sources of guidance, spiritual growth, challenge to service, and an enthusiastic spirit of worship.

How you can help

St Thomas thrives due to the generous support of alumni, parents and friends. This transformative campaign, Light on the Hill, calls on us all to make St. Thomas a philanthropic priority.  As a university parish, the success our day to day ministry relies on your prayers, engagement in our mission and financial support. The need to expand has never been greater!

Your investment in Catholic ministry at a critical time in students’ lives is what will make all the difference for St. Thomas to flourish for many years to come.

The Light on the Hill capital campaign seeks a minimum of $10,000,000 for the new building and an additional $2,500,000 for ministry investment and expansion and growth of the endowment to prepare St. Thomas not just for the next 10 years, but to lay the foundation for the next 100.

Gifts can be pledged and paid over three to five years. Please see the enclosed giving levels, recognition opportunities and frequently asked questions for more information. Once 100% of the goal is secured in pledges for the new building, St. Thomas will begin construction.